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A child’s first steps outside home and first ties outside the family are with their mentors. At the St.Joseph’s, it is the mutual respect, understanding and foundation that make this bond special. Remaining the guiding force in a child’s life, it is vital to have some of the greatest minds enrich the students with the depth of knowledge required to excel in any field. Our teachers are not just academically qualified, but also possess the talent to help a child reach his fullest potential by nurturing the leader within. We also encourage parent-faculty interaction to ensure that students find inspiration within the school and at home. As an institution, we are devoted to charting a successful and happy journey to success, for every child.


Teacher Training Programme
As a part of our ethos of discipline and excellence, St.Joseph conducts regular programmes to keep the teachers abreast of current teaching practices through regular professional development and methodologies being developed around the world. Regular updates help the teachers to keep pace with the new trends and teaching methodologies and aim to inspire teachers to go beyond regular classroom conduct to instill a sense of strategic direction and formulation, further strengthening and developing future projects for the students. School organizes regular field trips and outings of students, teachers and staff and is a welcome break in the routine providing a time to relax, unwind and get rejuvenated. It helps them to interact, integrate and is a fun bonding experience for everyone involved in an informal setting which builds up team spirit and camaraderie.

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