Aims & Objectives

The aim of St. Joseph’s High School is to build a strong younger generation with a sound body, a well trained mind with habits and accomplishment conducive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality. The school provides each pupil with opportunities for developing his or her individuality through’ activities. Towards this aim the school besides imparting education in the commonly accepted course tries to imbibe.

  • The spiritual formation through knowledge of God, the creator and the Father of all men – a sacred right of every human person.
  • The intellectual development so as to enable our pupils to the intelligent members capable of associating with their fellow citizens in the modern world.

  • A mature sense of responsibility towards ennobling their own lives through constant effort and authentic freedom

  • An upright conscious which weighs moral and human values and embraces them by personal choice based on sound principles.

  • An awakening to social meet situations even when it calls for a challenge.

  • Develop a sense of appreciation for art and culture.

  • Provide training in leadership through perpetual system and allied positions of responsibility.

  • Teach the literature, history and culture of our motherland on broad basis.
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